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What to Expect at PIT® Meetings

Weekly Job Search Meetings

When you walk through the door for the very first time at Professionals In Transition®, (PIT®), expect to see a very casually dressed, friendly group of people busily networking with each other until the meeting starts.  A PIT Alumnus, or Group Facilitator of the meeting will greet you, and give you a brief overview before the meeting begins.


You never have to worry about getting “hit up” to buy something by outside interests. Only members and our guest speaker attend these meetings. We have a strong no solicitation policy, because you get enough junk hurled at you from almost everywhere during your job search, and PIT is a safe and non-judgmental meeting place.


There are three parts to our meetings:

  1. Information Exchange - During this part of the meeting we share any general announcements, job leads, networking events, Alumni updates, upcoming PIT events, job fairs or any other general information that would benefit the group. However, this part of the meeting continues to decrease in time, because we continually send out job leads and other announcements between meetings via our confidential Google group, that you can only join by coming to a PIT meeting.

  2. Your 30 Second Commercial - this is an opportunity to practice your elevator speech. It is the answer to the first question of any interview which is: “tell me about yourself.”

  3. Speaker Presentation - Our speakers cover a wide range of topics including emotional impact of job loss, how to begin again, how to develop an effective career summary (the bedrock of your job search), the $65,000 Resume, the “t” cover letter that will increase your response rate by 50%, how to network, salary negotiation and much more!

At the end of the meeting there is more networking. Many times something is said by another PIT Member that you may want to learn more about; or perhaps another PIT Member has a lead for you. Maybe you have a question for the presenter.


As you look around, you will see and feel a buzz of excitement cracking in the air as connections get made, questions are answered, expert advice shared and new friendships formed.


This is what to expect when you come to a Professionals In Transition meeting.

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