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Why All The Attention?

Unique Job Search Strategy

Our approach at Professionals In Transition (PIT)® is truly unique. We focus on you—where you’re at and where you want to be—and creatively teach confidence. Individualized learning based on over 25 years of helping people just like you learn the best things you can do to take ownership, overcome the fear of failure, and learn trustworthy techniques to propel you forward in your quest for meaningful work.

Sometimes, it’s as simple as changing what you’re doing to how you’re doing it. Other times, big ideas and new goals are needed. Memorable presentations and learning experiences transform lives. PIT® participants learn by building, doing, interacting—just like “real life”!

Since 1992, over 10,000 people have watched and learned how to develop a deeper understanding of the successful steps needed for career re-entry. We help in the critical day-to-day decisions you need to develop an achievable and customized map for getting from where you are today to where you need to be in the very near future.

Anyone investing time at PIT® meetings and with PIT® people come away equipped with the expertise, resources, and encouragement to successfully return to the working world. That’s the value and power of Professionals in Transition® participation and membership.

Our Price

Because it’s absolutely free of charge! (Of course, you are invited to officially join as a “PIT® Plus member” for only $9.99 a month to help us keep our lights on but…) everything is freely made available in our weekly job search presentations with continual fresh tips for reinventing ways to stage your talents and abilities with the tools and techniques needed to capture employer intrigue.

Our Volunteers and Participants

Our volunteer speakers continually reinvent the job finding experience to add tremendous perspective to our emotional support group and networking sessions. “Unselfish acts of service” is the key, and the power, to our success.

Our Experience

Over 25 years and 10,000 people proves that Professionals In Transition (PIT®) meetings establish an effective network of people helping people find jobs quicker, capitalizing on relationships and interactions to open the “hidden job market.”

Our Members Time and Expertise

Professionals in Transition® encourages everyone benefiting to “pay it forward”. Meaning, you help others, after you’ve received help. Upon “graduating” Professionals in Transition® and returning to work, you’re invited to become a speaker, a coach, a volunteer. That is why Professionals In Transition® is a not-for-profit model based on serving others and counting on participants who fully benefit to give back to help others. It drives over two decades of PIT®’s success.

Your Membership

Most members choose to make a voluntary donations of $9.99 per month because they know the value of their membership in the form of advise, service, expertise and resources (cover letters templates, networking resources, and more). Although not required, member realize grants and donations do not cover 100% of operating expenses. No money, no mission. Besides, you're the only one responsible for getting you next job. Put some skin in the game...

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