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Engineers and Businesspeople

Who Needs Us?

Cashier. Fork-lift operator. Technologist. IT Professional. Sales Associate. Director. Manager. Vice President. 

All have one thing in common, we believe: each is a “Professional” because being professional is actually a mindset, not what you do. Being professional is who you are with your unique talents and abilities.

Career experiences have a way of crashing from time-to-time, leaving you questioning every aspect of life and creating a struggle to move forward. Professionals in Transition®  is designed to help.


Come join us—online or at a meeting near you! Stop those feelings of “free fall” and devastating frustrations. Anyone in need of a lifeline and support is invited—at any age, income, or from any occupational path and experience level whether junior to senior, top to bottom or in-between.

Professionals in Transition® Support Group, Inc. re-employment services include but are not limited to: peer-to-peer coaching; networking leads and introductions; job search tools, tips and techniques; and lots of encouragement.

PIT® is a member-driven, non-profit organization offering high-quality information, education, and services at the lowest possible cost. Our weekly support group meetings are free. Check out our member information to see how we can help you become another of our numerous success stories! If you can, join today!

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