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There are no obligations when becoming a PIT® member. Signing up gives us a count of how many people take advantage of our program helps us to provide the most relevant and up to date job search information to help you advance your career. For you, signing up will unlock exclusive job hunting material, proven and effective resources, networking opportunities, support resources and more. Sign up today!​

Top 10 Reasons to sign up for a PIT Membership

  1. You’re mad as heck at losing your job.

  2. You don't see the need to pay big bucks for outplacement when you can get the same help for free!

  3. You’re not going to take it anymore, your mind’s made up, and you’re going back to work.

  4. You know there’s a better way…but you can’t “see” the first step.

  5. You’re trustworthy and looking for a “safe space” to share, learn, contribute what you know, listen intently to others, and grow.

  6. You need structure, support, and strategy to find your new job opportunity.

  7. You want remarkable speakers with practical, hands-on instruction.

  8. You need innovative resume templates, proven cover letters that work!

  9. You’re ready for a full “restart”, you can’t do it all yourself, and you’re “all ears,” and prepared to do what-ever-it-takes to find a job.

  10. You’re ready to meet Damian and his team!

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